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Thresher Aquatics provides Adaptive SCUBA Divers and their families with positive life changing experiences.

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Our community is full of amazing people who want to help. We work hard to provide services for those with disabilities!.

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Serving those who may have physical or mental limitations has been our life's work- giving back to the adaptive diving community one snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, or water activities one expedition at a time.

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Adaptive Diver

Can not say enough good things about this team of Adaptive Divers. They know how to make you smile, get you in the water and keep you coming back for more!!!


Adaptive Diver

This team of adaptive divers is dedicated to professionalism, loyalty, having fun and being safe. We are so proud to call them family.

our team

The Thresher Aquatics Adaptive Dive team is composed of expert professional undersea volunteers who have families and work full-time jobs. Our team is a diverse mix of Dive Masters, SCUBA Instructors, USCG Captains, medical professionals, and special needs caregivers. Thresher Adaptive Dive Buddy qualification programs are of the highest standards and our volunteers are trained to current SCUBA diving and water safety protocols. We are a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3), but we do not have administrative fees or payroll, all proceeds from donations or fundraising goes directly towards our mission with 100% transparency.





Passionate captain, dive instructor, and ambassador of the sport. Firm believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. Focused on conservation and teaching others to be stewards of the sea.


Volunteer Coordinator


Volunteer Resource Director


Dive Safety Coordinator

Aria Cross is the Diving Safety Officer (DSO) and sitting board member for Thresher Aquatics. In this role she inspects, observes, and institutes procedures to ensure the safety of underwater divers. Dive safety officers are responsible for initiating and supervising diving programs and training adaptive dive buddies. Aria ensures diving activities are planned, managed, and conducted in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions, regulations, and approved codes of practice.


Director of Volunteer Services

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